The Library Advisory Committee consists of Principal as Chairman, Librarian, three faculty members from social science, three faculty members from science & one student representative. It caters to the growing need of the present and future requirement of the library. The advisory committee also makes contact with the readers of library like students and teachers for their difficulties in the library reading room and their problems are communicated to the principal and proposals are made to solve the problems.


*     Total area of the library (in Sq. Mts.)              :           400

*     Total seating capacity                                       :           30

     Working Hours:

     On working days           06 hrs. (10:00a.m.–04:00 p.m

*      Average number of walk-ins -                                                     35 Daily

*      Average number of books issued/returned-                             30 per day

*      Ratio of library books to students  enrolled-                           20 :1

*      Average number of books added during last three years-     1700

*      Average number of login to opac (OPAC)-                                 25

*      Average number of login to e-resources-                           20

*      Average number of e-resources downloaded/printed-         10

*      Number of information literacy trainings organized:               01  

*        Manuscripts -                                                                  Yes

*        Reference-                                                                      Yes         

*        Reprography-                                                                  Yes         

*        ILL (Inter Library Loan Service)-                                 No

*        Information deployment and notification-                     Yes

*        Download-                                                                      Yes

*        Printing-                                                                          Yes

*        Reading list/ Bibliography compilation-                       Yes

*        In-house/remote access to e-resources-                      Yes

*        User Orientation and awareness-                                Yes

*        Assistance in searching Databases -                           Yes


*        INFLIBNET/IUC facilities-                                        Yes